At Mindful Movement LLC, we provide Physical Therapy and mindful movement based fitness services to make you move more efficiently and feel better in your body.

Mindful Movement is the next step in the evolution of wellness, foundation training and fitness! At Mindful Movement, we believe that exercise performed with awareness can change the way we live and make us move smarter. We train bodies to move optimally in daily, recreational and sport activities. Our tools to do this include our top quality and highly trained instructors, our top of the line Balanced Body® equipment, and our emphasis on mindfulness throughout all of our training. We offer Pilates mat and equipment classes as well as Yoga classes, which are perhaps the most widely known forms of mindful movement. We also utilize other movement modalities and Balanced Body ® equipment including the CoreAlign®, MOTR®, Bodhi Suspension System®, Orbit® and Oov, to take mindful movement to a different level by offering more cardio challenges, more strength training elements, and more balance work. At Mindful Movement, your body and mind will be transformed. This may allow you to decrease the stress in your life and it’s negative physical consequences and optimize efficient movement thus positively changing the way you live.

Why Mindful Movement is Unique

  • The owner and clinical director, Meghan Bubnis, is a licensed Physical Therapist, PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, POLESTAR ® comprehensively trained Pilates Instructor for Rehabilitation, as well as a Balanced Body® faculty member.
  • Mindful Movement is the first studio in the Lehigh Valley to provide equipment based Pilates group classes, in addition to classes using the CoreAlign®, MOTR®, Bodhi Suspension system®, Orbit® and Oov .
  • Our beautiful studio is equipped with state of the art Balanced Body ® equipment.
  • Small class sizes allow individualized attention and instruction (class sizes limited to 6- 10 participants).
  • Exercises are taught with modifications to accommodate all levels of fitness.
  • Private and semi-private sessions are available.
  • We also offer Pilates based physical therapy and promote a smooth transition into a maintenance exercise program after discharge from physical therapy.