At Mindful Movement, we are committed to the highest quality teacher training and continuing education workshop for students, teachers and physical therapists/healthcare professionals. No matter what your profession, we provide classes and workshops customized to your needs and professional goals. We offer the highest quality teacher trainings through one of the world leaders in the mindful movement industry, Balanced Body Education®. We also design our own continuing education curriculum based on our Mindful Movement expertise.

Classes and workshops are taught in our studio giving you a hands-on opportunity to learn on a variety of equipment including Pilates reformers, towers, trapeze table, Pilates chairs, ladder barrel, spine corrector, Pilates arcs, MOTR®, Bodhi Suspension System®, CoreAlign®, Orbit® and more.

Courses Offered

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Whether you are interested in teaching Pilates mat classes or expanding your physical therapy practice, we have the resources you need to help your clients and you succeed. Our training program will help you become a confident, creative and inspiring Pilates teacher.

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CoreAlign® Teacher Training

The CoreAlign was created to enable natural, flowing-full body exercises with independent limb training. It integrates posture, strength, flexibility, balance, control and proprioception in all functional positions. It’s a great rehabilitation tool for physical therapists and their patients and a great environment for high-level sports conditioning.

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MOTR® Teacher Training

MOTR may look like a roller but it’s much MOre Than a Roller. MOTR’s versatility offers unlimited programming and limitless results. It’s a complete gym in a 43” cylinder. Improve your strength, balance, agility, sports conditioning, cardio- even Pilates! Then stow in a closet when you are done.

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Bodhi Suspension System ® Teacher Training

Suitable for all levels of fitness, the Bodhi Suspension System stimulates the deep support systems in the body to create integrated, fluid and functional movement. Exercises on the Bodhi can be gentle and rehabilitative, challenging and athletic, and sometimes, incredibly acrobatic.

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Continuing Education and Workshops

Mindful Movement also offers continuing education on a variety of topics. We may enhance your organization’s commitment to wellness. We offer educational presentations and hands-on classes highlighting a variety of topics.