CoreAlign® Teacher Training

The CoreAlign was created to enable natural, flowing-full body exercises with independent limb training. It integrates posture, strength, flexibility, balance, control and proprioception in all functional positions. Working on the CoreAlign, you unlearn old habits and reestablish healthy movement patterns deep in your body.


CoreAlign 1: Foundations

Balanced Body has redesigned the CoreAlign curriculum for 2016. This course introduces the Balanced Body Movement Principles and covers the CoreAlign 1 exercises which include standing, quadruped and supine exercises in multiple planes of motion. These exercesie are designed to challenge the full body- strength, balance, flexibility and control!

CoreAlign 2: Progressions

Expand your skills and improve your ability to work with clients on the CoreAlign. Learn new exercises for the intermediate/advanced student in a fun, hands-on learning experience. Challenge yourself and your practice.

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