“Group Classes for Every Body”

Our vast offering of group classes appeals to a wide range of interests and fitness goals. Each class is designed to achieve a fully balanced mind and body.

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Welcome to Mindful Movement

At Mindful Movement LLC, we provide Physical Therapy and mindful movement based fitness services to make you move more efficiently and feel better in your body.

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Fitness: Challenge your body and your mind

We offer a variety of small group classes in mindful movement based fitness, We also offer private instruction to meet your needs, interests and fitness goals.

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Physical Therapy: Get back to the fun faster

We take an individualized approach to your recovery, putting your goals first. You will learn the foundations to return to function faster and promote your wellness into the future.

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Teacher Training: Expand your practice

We offer a variety of teacher trainings and continuing education opportunities to help you grow in your knowledge and expand your offerings as a movement practitioner.

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“ Fix. Foundation. Fun.”

At Mindful Movement LLC, we focus on the whole body and mind to achieve your goals from injury recovery, general wellness, to elite athletic performance.

Fitness Services

Mindful movement is the next step in the evolution of wellness, foundation training and fitness! Exercises performed with awareness can change the way we live and make us move smarter. Through mindful movement, your body will learn to move optimally in daily, recreational and sport activities.

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Physical Therapy

Our one-on-one holistic approach to your recovery will get you back to function faster and with more confidence! You will gain a deeper understanding of your mind and body and will be empowered on your quest for wellness into the future.

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Teacher Training

Through one of the world leaders in mindful movement education, Balanced Body Education®, we offer a wide variety of teacher trainings and continuing education opportunities.

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“Physical Fitness is the first requisite of Happiness”

Joseph Pilates