Bodhi Suspension System® Teacher Training

The world’s first 4-point suspension system is here! Working in a suspended environment has been practiced for decades, and the Bodhi brings it to a whole new level. Balance, strength, and gentle perturbation work together to create a more lively exercise experience by engaging the nervous system at it’ deepest level.
MOTR training

When you work against gravity in a suspension system, you activate your “righting reflex.” This righting reflex instinctively keeps us from falling over by stimulating the deep local musculature that protects the joints, organs and spine. You also decrease unwanted stress on the joints while continually challenging your muscles and their range of motion. Your body and mind learn to respond against gravity as the situation demands, building greater strength and control.
This full body integration helps us create new neuro-pathways in the brain and re-educates the nervous system.

MOTR training

Bodhi Training at Mindful Movement is appropriate for fitness professionals, movement educators, rehab clinicians and anyone with a strong movement background.
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